Hi everyone,
Here is a little background on the SCHS mascot's egg:
Laura Hunsaker's, (SCHS Alumni Laura Wamsley) father Chuck Wamsley and his good friend Dick Williams built an egg for the Mork & Mindy tv show back in the late 70's. The mold they used for that egg built for the tv show was then used over a battery operated golf cart in 1982. Laura's father wanted her to go out for cheer and said he would build the SCHS Cardinal Bird an egg if she did. Laura and Jeff Biondi shared being the mascot and drove the egg. 
This was popular and added to the Homecoming parades, games and most of all spirit amongst the crowds of fans and students. Spirit is something SCHS has lacked for sometime and Brent Kline, Principal along with Leadership and some enthusiastic students want back for our school. 
When Chuck Wamsley passed away, the egg went to an Alumni with the intention of restoring, but never got around to it. It has deteriorated much, and has now been moved to Sal Locatelli. 
It was presented to Cardinal Club that the egg get restored, because after all...it is tradition and it is part of bringing back the spirit as previous President Ron Esche along with some great volunteers did with Homecoming. 
A rough bid was thrown out and we were going to vote, but lacked sufficient board members. 
Hopefully many of you will be able to attend our next SCHS Cardinal Club meeting where we can share more and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. The egg would be in a secured place. One possibility would be the SCHS CC's storage shed.
Let's bring back the egg, bring back our spirit and show everyone what a great school SCHS is...a wonderful staff & great students!  GO CARDINALS!!!! 
Thank you,
Katie Esche
SCHS Cardinal Club Secretary